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Consults/seconds opinion with Dr. Ripoll

I offer one-time consultations and second opinions to all patients. These consultations last between 45-mins – 1 hr,  and include a case review, test analysis, and Dr. Ripoll’s written recommendations.

Executive Patients

My executive patients receive continued access to my medical expertise, they receive a phone number to contact me at anytime*, test analysis, and monthly consultations. I only work with patients that I feel I can help and are willing to adapt to the lifestyle modifications I prescribe. As such I ask all candidates to apply before I accept any case.

Wellness Program

My Wellness Program assists patients in their return to a healthy lifestyle. Including 3 consultations per year, test analysis, guidance and support for those looking to maintaining a cancer-free life.

HOPE for Him/HOPE for Her

My HOPE Protocol has rejuvenated the sex lives of countless couples. Finally a long-term solution to sexual-dysfunction is available for both men and women. No more pills required. Visit, call us, or fill out the form below to learn more about the world’s premier sexual health therapy.


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