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Prostate Cancer: A New Approach to Treatment and Healing

My latest book walks readers through the 10 key steps of a prostate cancer diagnosis:

  1. Prostate anatomy
  2. Blood, urine, and other diagnostic tests
  3. Biopsies
  4. Types of prostate cancer
  5. Treatment by cancer type
  6. Emerging treatments
  7. Traditional treatments
  8. Success & complication rates
  9. Emotional issues brought on by a prostate cancer diagnosis
  10. Using your diagnosis as a springboard to better health

My co-author (and former patient) Mark and I set about writing this book with one thing in mind: reaching as many men as is possible who are in need of this critical information about prostate cancer. What so many men do not realize is that when facing a diagnosis as heavy as this one they have a lot more options than they are so frequently told.

After being told by a number of different specialists that he needed to have surgery to remove his prostate, Mark came to see me and, with a regimen of active surveillance, we got rid of the cancer that was in his prostate without any surgery at all.

We wrote the book to bridge the often-wide Doctor-Patient divide. It is written in easy to understand language, with diagrams, flow charts, and images to help the patient easily digest the information.

Prostate Cancer: A New Approach to Treatment and Healing is the companion book to Do You Have Prostate Cancer?

“This is the one reference that prostate cancer patients and their loved ones should keep handy. You will refer to it time and again from the initial diagnosis, to understanding your treatment options, to living as a cancer survivor.”

Dr. Lee McNeely, M.D., Medical Director, Anova Cancer Care, Lone Tree, Colorado

“This book is comprehensive and easy to read, and I recommend it for anyone who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. It covers the latest information from all perspectives: doctors, patients, caregivers, and people who want to understand how to deal with this cancer – medically and emotionally. Thank you Dr. Ripoll and Mark Saunders for putting together this much-needed and invaluable resource.”

Jeff Ward, cancer survivor (thriver) and cancer coach


Sign up on the below to download your FREE sample chapter from our compact guide.

Sign up on the below to download your FREE sample chapter from our compact guide.

Do You Have Prostate Cancer? A Compact Guide to Diagnosis and Health

If you have had an abnormal prostate test (PSA, digital rectal exam, or other lab test), this 128-page book provides the most up-to-date information about prostate health, additional tests, and prostate biopsies. All the information in Do You Have Prostate Cancer? is presented in an easy-to-read format designed to simplify the decisions about your health and the health of your prostate.

Interactive exercises, flow charts, tables, and other colorful graphics break up the medical descriptions in the book into bite-sized pieces.

Because informed patients make better choices, I created this book as a doctor’s office companion that anticipates the conversations you would have with your doctor in 3 to 4 office visits.

Do You Have Prostate Cancer? gives you a unique and informed perspective on prostate health and wellness from the forefront of prostate cancer research and treatment.

If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, we recommend you read “Prostate Cancer: A New Approach to Diagnosis, Treatment, and Health.”

“If you or anyone you know is concerned about prostate cancer — maybe it’s a family history or a slowly rising PSA — this is the book to buy. It’s truly a gift for everyone concerned about prostate cancer and prostate health.”

Dwight L. McKee, MD, CNS, ABIHM, Integrative Medical Oncologist,  board certified in medical oncology, hematology, nutrition, as well as Integrative and Holistic Medicine, co-author of After Cancer Care

“What I really like about this book is that it encourages patients to become active partners in a shared-decision process about their own health.”

Hans Wiik, FACHE, MPH, MHA, RPh, and President and CEO of the Hans Wiik Health Group