In Honor of Dads Everywhere

By June 29, 2015 No Comments

Happy Fathers Day to Mr RipollHi Everyone,

I wanted to send a shout out to all the dads everywhere.

I realize that Father’s Day is a “Hallmark Holiday,” but this will be my first Father’s Day without my dad. As many of you know, my father passed away this year, and I miss him every day.

So I want to encourage all of you to reach out to your dad on Father’s Day — especially, if you two have a rocky relationship.

My relationship with my father was far from perfect. From my perspective, however, Father’s Day isn’t about judgment or hanging on to old emotional baggage. It’s about celebrating what’s good and meaningful about your relationship with your dad — even if, like my dad, yours has passed on.

Regardless what your relationship has been like with your dad, take a moment to think of one thing that you’re grateful for about your father. If you can find one thing, then you can probably find two. And if you think about for a few minutes, you might even come up with five.

I recommend that you write these down and then let him know. Send him a card, an email, pick up your phone, or spend a moment in silence. Whatever works best to honor your relationship with your dad.

It’s never too late to have a meaningful relationship with your father.

Happy Father’s Day,

Dr. Emilia Ripoll