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I know that getting up to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes isn’t just infuriating; it’s devastating. Constant, crippling pain in the pelvis ruins every aspect of your life, driving to work every day is a nightmare and getting on a plane seems impossible.
Let’s be honest, there are some days that you don’t even want to wake up in the morning. Sex is so painful that intimacy is non-existent, and your relationship can easily suffer as a result. You have heard that divorce is a huge symptom of chronic pelvic pain that many, many people have experienced. On top of that, chronic pain in the pelvis is so misunderstood by most of the medical community many physicians have told you there’s nothing that can be done you’re beginning to feel hopeless and that you’re all alone with your pain.
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  • You experience chronic, constant pain in the pelvis that causes discomfort and makes every living moment unbearable. Sitting down comfortably is next to impossible and the thought of traveling long distances is a seriously frightening prospect.

  • You cannot go anywhere without worrying about emptying your bladder every 15-30 minutes. You are unable to go to your children’s sports games and recitals, or meet with friends because you worry about not having access to bathrooms or that you’ll have an embarrassing accident.

  • When you get the urge to urinate, you are terrified of not making it to the toilet, and you have experienced humiliating accidents that quickly ruin your day. Sex has become so painful that your relationship is on the rocks. Intimacy has become impossible and deep frustrations are building between you and your partner and your terrified divorce is on the horizon.

  • Your job is on the line because you are unable to go 15 minutes without having to take a trip to the bathroom and your confidence in your ability to do your work is slipping.

  • You have changed the way you dress because you are constantly thinking about “what happens if I have an accident?” and you no longer feel comfortable in your own skin.

  • You are afraid to seek help because no one believes you and you are tired of visiting physician after physician only to learn that they can’t tell you what’s wrong with you.








I have an Answer for you.

 Watch my 45 minute webinar where I will help you understand some of the root causes of your pelvic pain condition and introduce you to some tools to maintain and control your disease. I will lay the groundwork to show you how to move towards a life without pain.