Emerging Solutions for
Chronic Pelvic Pain and Interstitial Cystitis

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iHOPE Protocol @ Doctors Studio University

As a practicing Integrative Urologist for over 30 years, I have developed a whole-body approach to healing Interstitial Cystitis and Chronic Pelvic Pain. In collaboration with Doctors Studio University I am delighted to announce my very first 4 week online IC program for Bladder Health. You can enroll in my program at the DRSUniversity.com website.  Once enrolled in the program I offer consultation packages to personally go over your case with you.
For those previously enrolled in my 8-week program access to the materials is still available at the iHOPE login button above.
After many joyous years in Colorado, I have moved to practice in Boca Raton, FL with the amazing Doctors Studio team.
For prescription refills or medical records please visit: choicespc.net
For appointments please visit: doctorsstudio.com


What my Patients Say

“"I'm so happy I found Dr. Ripoll, her approach is unlike no other urologist I've met. I am now well on the road to full recovery and excited for the future."”


“"Dr Ripoll took the time to view my issues and made me feel very at ease. She is very professional yet kind and listens to her patients. She's the best I've ever been to. Buena suerte!"”


“"Dr.Ripoll is the best Urologist I have been to. Dr. Ripoll spends all the time you need to listen and make sure you get taken care of.
I will say she is an angel, doctors like this don't come around often."”


iHOPE Advantages

No Need to Travel

Learn about root causes online, and consult with Dr. Ripoll weekly over the phone

Unique Approach

An integrative approach combining Western and Alternative Medicine


A Urologist who practices Functional Medicine, TCM, Ayurveda, Acupuncture & more!

Patient Respect

We have the utmost respect for the patient - It's not in your head, and you can heal!


Primary focus on finding root causes, rather than just "band-aid" symptom management

Patient Support

Provide a supportive environment for patients to communicate with Dr. Ripoll, and with each other

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